That said, I'm actually going to post something significant.

I've been writing again. I'm almost afraid to tell anyone. I feel like everytime I do, I suddenly falter and the writing abandons me.'s a secret...I'm writing again.

I need a new title for the story but maybe it'll come to me after I've finished the first draft. I'm not going to stress on it. For now, I'm going to refer to this WIP (work in progress) as A New Start. ANS for short.

ANS is actually a story I've been working on for quite some time...two years, I believe. Of course, that's not steady working. It's on again, off again working. It has fallen prey to my biggest weakness at least a half dozen times. And what weakness is that, you wonder? (I'm pretending someone actually reads this thing) Well, it's the fact I can't seem to ever just sit down and start a story with any amount of satisfaction. I have a tendency to trash the whole thing after I've written anywhere from 10-50 pages.

I'm not doing that this time. I've started writing and I'm going to continue on, leaving the worry of whether or not I've gotten the beginning right for the revision process.

Current overall wordcount: 4,963
Total Pages Completed: 23 1/3
Chapter Progress: Half way through Chapter 2.