So I managed to catch up on my voice mail and emails at work this morning. There's lots of other stuff I should be doing-- like updating the department webpages, placing exams, or even working on the online catalog--but I'd rather be writing. Although, I know I can't dedicate the rest of my afternoon to the WIP, I figured an hour or so wouldn't hurt anything.

So, I opened the WIP and began by touching up the grammar and flow of last week's efforts. I'm sure today's "fixes" will still need another critiquing or two before they can be considered polished. After I finished with the adjustments, I began to work on the next scene.

Oh, boy.

It's funny how the little things can interfere with a word count. For instance, the current WIP's worldbuilding is loosely based on Ancient Egypt. Unfortunately, I didn't do a very thorough job in preparing myself. I had to interrupt my writing to go research AE weapons. The time before I had to interrupt the writing to go research mirrors. It's seriously crimping the flow!

So do I stop writing and submerge myself in the research? I don't think I can. If I stop writing on this story, even in the name of research, I'm going to lose touch with it. I know this. And yet the temptation is there. Jumping from mid-sentence to google searches is driving me crazy.

It makes me want to abandon the AE worldbuilding but I can't. It's not just the setting for the story. It's a character, in a very vague sense. My premise was built on this foundation.

Not to mention there aren't many fantasy books out there with a clearly AE feel to them in the genre. Most fantasy tend to feel medieval. I might be onto something good here. Maybe. Hopefully. If I can finish the novel....