I know I missed yesterday but I had good reason. Dad asked me to go to the courthouse with him. The judge awarded Donna a significant amount of spousal support, which grinds me because my dad doesn't have tons of money. I don't understand how a woman who has a college education and works between 20-35 hours a week as a surgical technician is entitled to that much money. My dad took all the bills--she walked away from everything but a credit card payment, insurance for her car, and her cell phone bill.

But enough of that. I can't change the outcome and complaining will only put me into a bad mood.

The highlight of yesterday was going out to eat with some friends and then playing cards. A good end to a crappy beginning. Guess you can't ask for more than that.

I haven't written anything this weekend. I'm possibly having company tonight so I need to get this house cleaned. So far I've given the stinky dog a bath, changed the kitty litter, done the dishes, done some laundry, and now I must tackle the bathrooms. Ewww. I hate cleaning bathrooms. They're just gross, especially the boys' bathroom.

So...until tomorrow....