Well, well, well. It seems the network isn't going to let me initiate the one program I need to do my job today. The email requests in my inbox are going to have to wait (possibly quite some time) for an answer. To bad I can't use this down time to work on the WIP. Unfortunately I left the disk at home because I was certain it would be pointless to bring it along. Today should be busy! I expected to be wading my way through classroom requests, not sitting here twidling my thumbs.

I could always take a stab at writing the first chapter of my murder/mystery/thriller. I know something about the characters but not much about the plot. That could be problematic. Perhaps I should write out a list of potential scenes first. Gah. I don't know. I'm not ready to write this story...it's still perculating.

What does that leave? Games. Chat. Daily writing exercise--haven't done that in a while. What I really want to do, I can't. What I must do, I can't. How irritating.