Nothing and Nonsense

I really have nothing much to say this morning. I think my brain is still sleeping. Maybe some hot chocolate would help--picked up this nifty new Butterfinger flavored stuff. Yeah, that sounds yummy.

I'm hoping to wake up enough to get some work done on the WIP. I also think it's time to look for some publishing and/or agent contacts for Dragonborn. Although, I think I'll read it again with an eye for cliches and lack of exposition. I have a feeling the cliches will be harder to fix than the exposition. Go figure.

ASWK is coming along. I'm on Chapter Six. This would be the scene where Vryc and Davne come to an agreement on her leaving Glamyr, then they break out the slaves,'ll just have to read the rest to find out. Let's just say this is a chapter where crisis number one comes to a head. At least...I think this is crisis number one. This plotting stuff can be difficult.