My weekend is nearly gone and I've hardly put a dent in the WIP. At least this weekend I have a valid excuse. My hubby went up north with a friend to replace a cabin roof and in addition to my two munchkins I had two extra kids underfoot for two days. For the first time since Friday afternoon I have peace and quiet. I hope the boys' naps last for at least two hours. Selfish of me, I know.

What I did accomplish on the WIP felt pretty good. I did some editing--it's too hard to actually write when you have four children clamoring for your attention. I also did some more world and character building because I found the niftiest program to help get me organized. Unfortunatly the software is a demo and will only run for a total of 20 times. If it were a $30-50 program this would be no problem but I'm not in a position to dish out $200 at the moment. So, I'm conserving my useage and settling on printing whatever I'm managed to input on the 20th session.