Last Thursday I finished Chapter One of A Secret Well Kept . It works. More than that, I think it works well. I've introduced one of the driving conflicts in the story--chattel slavery of the Lainir in its infancy. My MC is not only horrified by the inhumanity of it, she realizes intuitively these slaves will never meekly accept this new lot in life. She's off to convince her father to ban them from sale in their city.

The next chapter, which I hope to start during the holiday break, will focus on that confrontation, an unpleasant discovery, and an unexpected visitor. Can't wait!


-Got most of my shopping done. Just a few more things to pick up for the hubby.

-Going to make cookies with the kids this weekend. Okay, so they're not going to be from scratch. I'm using frozen cookies and letting them decorate. Yep, it's cheating. Yep, I don't care.

-The interior of the house is adorable. Lights, scented candles, decorations galore. I love it!

-We made a good start on our outside decorations. Three strings of light. Two rows of candycanes bordering the approach to the garage. We want to do more next year. The money only goes so far, if you know what I mean.