Wow! It's been a loooong time since I've posted to my blog. A whole month! For shame, for shame.

The Holiday Season has officially started. Hope everyone had a yummy Thanksgiving. I know I did! We cooked a turkey in the deep fryer and I made pumpkin cheesecake. Yum, yum, yum.

We also had a birthday party for my baby. Hard to believe the little guy just turned two. Soon he'll be five and off to school. (Better believe I'll be home with a box of kleenex when that day comes!)


I'm working on two novels: A Secret Well Kept and Heart of a Dragon.

Secret has been bothering me. I know the beginning isn't right. I'm going to rework it a bit and see if that helps. Developing Davne's father in more detail and bringing the crux of their difficulties into full light. I want to make him just as three-dimensional as Davne. Maybe that will help....

Heart of a Dragon is fun. I'm not allowing myself to work on it exclusively, though.