I actually managed to pass my last quiz! Unbelievably I got 19 out of 20. Don't know how....but I'm grateful. And I promise to study my tooshie off for the final next week.

Started Chapter Two of Heart of a Dragon. This one is from Kade's POV as I want to distinguish him as the hero. He's just about ready to confront Adara with his suspicions. This should be fun!

As for A Secret Well Kept, I don't know how major others (mainly Holly and my classmates) would consider this change I've made but, boy, oh boy, have I veered from the scene list. In fact, the first scene I wrote has been deleted. For some reason the story wasn't working for me and I couldn't get past the first chapter. Isn't that sad? How long have we had to work on this story and here I am still laboring over Chapter One. Talk about anal. But there it is....I'm very anal about first chapters. After that I tend to fall into the flow of the story but not until the beginning hits a chord within me. Weird but true.

I think I might have found the beginning I want....I'll let you know just as soon as I finish Chapter One!