Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas Eve and the gifts are not only purchased, they're wrapped! Unbelievable. I'm usually up until the wee hours of the night wrapping and wrapping and wrapping...not this Christmas Eve, though! Ken and I sat down yesterday and finished the immensely irritating job. Of course, the annoyance I felt no doubt stemmed more from the nausea and cramping--compliments of my son's flu bug--than the actual wrapping.

While I'm at work today Ken and the boys are going to make sugar cookies. What an awesome dad. Sometimes the man just leaves me breathless. After all, how many grown men would stoop to rolling cookie dough and using whimsically shaped cutters in order to bring a smile to a four-year-old's face? Not many. But mine will. How cool is that?

After I get home (and sample one of those yummy cookies), we have to go to my Mom and Dad's place for their gift exchange. After the gift exchange some of my Dad's family will show up with oysters in hand. While they begin making their traditional Oyster Stew, my sister-in-law will put her homemade Chicken Noodle soup on to boil and I'll toss some frozen pizza rolls into the oven. After we eat and socialize it'll be time to go home and put out milk and cookies for Santa.