Ok, so I didn't write anything last night. Not the next vampire scene, not a single word on A Secret Well Kept (new title for BN project, what do ya think?), and not another sentence on the romance. We had company. They arrived about a half hour after I walked in the door last night. I had time to change my clothes and eat dinner. But I enjoyed myself and I'm glad they stopped in. I don't get to see my baby sister very often now that she lives in Florida. We played cards, talked, laughed, looked at my photo albums, and made a date for tonight.

So, guess what? No writing tonight either.

Although, on an up note, my sister wants to read Dragonborn: The Beginning. She just needs to get it away from Mom, who still hasn't read the darn thing. (Likely because it's not a romance and that's about all Mom reads.)

So, until next week.....be safe and have fun!