It's a wonderful day! The sun is shining, my major pain-in-the-tooshy project at work is out of my hands and into the printers, I got a 103 points out of 101 (extra credit is great!) on my mid-term, and I'm writing again.

I haven't worked on my BN project but I will. First I want to focus on the short vampire story. I haven't written anything dark in a long time. It feels good in a sinister sort of way. I'm being mean and getting away with it! I intend on writing the next scene tonight. I expect some blood....

I also started a fantasy romance. Pure romance in a fantasy setting. It's fun! Of course, right now I'm doing this one the old-fashioned way: by the seat of my pants. I intend to change this. Once I get the initial scene down, I'm going to go back and apply the BN class homework to the story. I expect the characters, plot, theme, and symbolisms will improve dramatically once I've had a chance to think things through. I just didn't want to lose the story....sometimes by waiting I lose.--lose the idea, lose the momentum, and lose the passion.

The fantasy romance was inspired by the romance board challenge at Forward Motion. Only I couldn't keep it to 500 words and my characters haven't even met yet. That happens at the end of the chapter when he drags her from the cellar where she's hiding from him and the dragon he rode in on.

I have quite a bit to do at work right now but it's much more manageable than it has been since September 5th when the semester started. Hard to believe seven weeks can be so rough. Sometimes, when the phone is ringing and the emails are stacking up, I'm certain I won't survive it but somehow I always do.