's been a couple of weeks since I've posted. Shame on me.

~I'll try not to ramble too much as I bring you up to speed.~

Family Vacation

We took the boys camping and we actually left the state to do it! Mind you, we didn't go too far. Ohio isn't exactly light years away. I believe it took us nearly 8 hours to get from our driveway to the cabin we quaint! It was right on a lake and there were these ducks....

This is the first family vacation we've had--weekends away from home do not count. We packed up the van, loaded our bikes on our nifty new bike carrier, and set off down the road. We stopped at Cabella's...hubby's dream hunting/fishing store...and managed not to spend all our vacation money. Since I failed to bring the camera in with me, we also stopped at the store on the way home so I could get a few pics of the boys ogling the mounts. Besides, I really want to scrapbook the awkward moment when KC, my darling 4 year old son, looked up at his Dad and asked, "Daddy, why aren't they moving?" I don't think Ken really answered him but I might have been too busy chuckling to notice.

The second day of our vacation we went to Six Flags World of Adventure. The boys had a good time. I have some adorable pictures...if I can figure out how to get a picture into this blog, I'll post a few. The boys rode a couple of rides, played in the water sprinkler thing, and had the luxury of being pushed around in a stroller all day. Must be nice. I had to walk.

The rest of our week was spent doing a whole lot of nothing. It was lovely! Unfortunely, it ended too soon and we were back to work before we knew it.

I can't wait for next year's vacation.

Portland, Oregon

Last week I spent time in training. Unfortunely, the training was only available in Portland, Oregon...three time zones away from my little guys. I knew the hubby would manage just fine without me but leaving my babies was HARD! I admit I cried at the airport.

Portland was gorgeous. And inspiring. The city appealed to the writer in me. Had I been alone, I believe I may well have taken my notebook and found a place to sit and write. Lovely little parks, sidewalk dining, and the gorgeous riverbank inspired scenes, emotions, and even dialogue. So, while I walked alongside Rhonda, my coworker and fellow trainee, I filed away little tidbits of inspiration to be explored in the privacy of my hotel room.

While I was away from home, and my computer!, I had only my little spiral notebook and a pen to work with while I tried to work through my BN plot assignment. I admit some of the things in that notebook didn't make it into the final draft on the computer. Still, the notebook worked as a guide as I reworked the plot. So, if you've managed to read my plot scenes and you think they're dismal, imagine how dreadful they were before I tweaked them.