Two days in a row! Yay for me!

The semester nears and my "to do" pile grows. I've nearly made it through the catalog update and I've been processing email after email of classroom requests and course changes. And I know it's only going to get worse. Lucky me.

The BN project is consuming me. I haven't opened up Dragonborn: The Beginning in forever. This may be a good, though. Distance will give me a chance to look at the rough with fresh eyes. Of course, this prospect terrifies me. What if I wrote dismal trash?

Guess I'm having a rather bleak writing day. I'm worried my newest (and hopefully best!) idea isn't quite up to muster. I know it has made it pass Holly and my fellow classmates but...still, I worry. How can I make it better? More gripping? I want to tear someone's heart out, make them nod their head in complete understanding, and crow in delight as my heroine triumphs over others and her own self-defeating fears.

I've got my work cut out for me.

Poison-Ivy (I Think)
I think my poison ivy outbreak is nearing its final stages. Gosh, I hope so. This has been a dreadful experience. The first breakout was nothing compared to this one. Just a few itchy spots left on my body...a finger, my stomach, and near my right ankle. My only option is to keep popping the medicine and applying the cream to the spots.