Half hour and I'm outta here! Got myself a nice three day weekend ahead of me and I plan on enjoying it. My sister and nephew are flying home and there's a smashing party planned Saturday night. Throw in some ice cream, late night gossip sessions with my sis, finishing up a few household chores that have been driving me nuts, spending time with my hubby and playing with my two favorite little boys...there, life is perfect.

Writing? Well, I did late night research last night. I'm really enjoying myself with it, too! I have several pages of notes, which will be put into the computer (maybe with weekend) and organized into coherent titles and subtitles. My worldbuilding is coming along nicely. The ideas are churning once again...

And, since we're still on the subject of writing (yes, we are!), I guess I should mention the BN class. I think I found a symbol. Makeup. Not only did Ancient Egyptian women wear makeup and stunning wigs, so, too, did the men. Makeup played a very important role in their lives...and it's going to play a very important role in my book. Makeup is the mask people hide their true selves behind. It covers up our blemishes, accentuates our best features, and is pleasing to the eye. Since my book is all about self-acceptance and social acceptance, I thought the makeup would be the perfect symbol of self-denial, of conforming to society's standards.

Oh, that's good...I should put that one my rather incoherent post on the BN boards. (That's what I get for trying to post while my phone is ringing off the hook).

See ya!