So, have you heard? We're going to die!

Seriously, there's this asteroid circling the sun and there's a remote chance it could orbit right into Earth. Here's a quote from CNN regarding the 1.2 mile wide rock, "NASA's Near Earth Object program gives the asteroid a rating of "0" on the Torino impact hazard scale — within a range of "events meriting careful monitoring," but not concern. "

Now here's how this Torino scale works....
A risk-assessment scale, similar to the Richter scale used for earthquakes, will assign values to celestial objects moving near Earth. The scale will run from zero to 10. An object with a value of zero or one will have virtually no chance of causing damage on Earth; a 10 means a certain global climatic catastrophe. (Taken from NASA's Neo Program Website)

So, while it might be bit worrisome, I wouldn't panic just yet.