I love Zette's gym. These little warm-ups really get the ole juices flowing.  What starts out as a glimmer of an idea can sprout wings and soar into mutating plotlines, characters, or a new world to explore.  My growing attachment to these exercises surprises me.  

Here's a bit of Wednesday's results:

Panting, her breath plumed in the cold autumn air, she once again pushed her sodden hair out of her face and narrowed her eyes. After a moment’s strain she could see through the rain. Trees as far as she could see. Nothing even remotely familiar.

She was lost.

And hunted by Muthgars.

Fighting down panic, Sarryn drew in a shaky breath and swallowed around the lump in her throat. Standing here, soaked through and through, served no good purpose. For every second she delayed, the Muthgars drew nearer and their probing mental fingers tore away more and more of her meager mental sheild. The oily darkness of their thoughts had grown stronger and more gruesome with every passing hour. She had to keep moving, put some distance between herself and the monsters determined to flush her out.

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The good news:  I saw the neurologist yesterday (and you didn't even know about that, did you?).  Basically, I'm a big ole wimp.  My body over-compensates when under semi-extreme physical stress.  Something about a Vega nerve?  I dunno.  I suppose I should go searching the net to find out more about this but, to be honest, it doesn't worry me all that much.  I know when these "spells" happen and why.  The important thing is I'm not epileptic.  Nothing so serious.

The bad news:  Because I had an abnormal EEG as a teenager, I now have to have a sleep deprivation EEG done if I want to be legally covered.  Basically, if I hit some sue-happy individual, I would be able to provide a clean bill of health in my defense.  Comparing apples to apples, so to speak.