Trying something different today...hopefully this won't look too funny.



Finished a couple more necessary chapters to tie together some loose strings. I think they work. Won't really know, I guess, until I do the rewrite. In my mind I have two possibly three more chapters to write. Then I'll be done with Book 1 of the Dragonborn Series.

~doing a happy dance~

Personal Crap:

Had a wonderful vacation. It was great seeing my sisters and my nephew. It should be against the law for siblings to move out of state. When they have babies we miss so much of their lives and it's just not fair.

Ok, done whining.

Distressing News:

I think my video camera has died a final, sad death. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to move the scenes with Keagan (rarely seen nephew) or KC playing soccer to a tape, which means I likely lost it for good. So bummed. Wanted to cry. Haven't yet. Guess there's still hope until the hubby says otherwise.