Dragonborn Update:
Things are progressing. I've gotten quite a bit done. Danken, Ghislaine, and Sahara have been successfully reunited. The Hall of Magic is under attack by the wizards and nongifted armies. Now I just need to update the reader on Ryalla, Laralei, Gwyendln and Rance.

The relationship between Danken and Ghislaine isn't developing as I had expected. If I rush them into falling in love, I think the reader is going to feel cheated. So, I don't think this is a true love story, after all. I still think it's a damn good story, though. The survival theme is still going strong, which is really the key.

Unfortunate News:
I forgot the ZIP disk at home. That means I won't be working on the story today.

Highway Robbery:
I was going to order a couple of Holly Lisle's books off Amazon. The prices were great right up until I got to shipping. Blah! I cancelled the order and decided a trip to Border's was a much better option. I just hope the books I'm looking for are on the shelves...I'll let you know.