Nearly two months have passed since my last blog. I wonder if anyone even bothers stopping by to see what's up...or, more likely, what's not happening.

Dad's Divorce Update

My Dad is still in the middle of his divorce and it's gone from sad to bad. Not only is she shacked up with someone one my dad called friend but now she's determined to take him for every penny she can. Unfortunately, there's a no-fault mentality here in Michigan, which means the judge could care less who is sleeping with whom. My Dad's attorney told him it's basically about accounting since there are no minor children involved. Since Dad makes at least 20K more a year than she does, she's entitled to alimony. What bullshit. He never wanted the divorce, he never left her, and the sad truth is he'd take her back in a heartbeat because he still loves her.

Writing or the Lack Thereof

The contemporary vampire romance I had decided to write for NaNo has died. I didn't so much lose my enthusiasm for the story as I have lost the opportunity to be deligent. When weeks span the distance between one writing session and the next, I tend to lose focus and motivation. If I'm ever going to accomplish my publishing goals, I need to discipline myself to write every day, no matter how much or how little I accomplish. I know I can write--not to say I'm anything great but I have a smidgeon of talent. I don't have any discipline. I have no follow-through. I'm easily distracted and easily discouraged.

I need to work on that.

New Year's Resolution Update

I had decided to give up pop (aka soda) for the New Year. I did great for the first three weeks. Since then I've had a couple of bad days--mainly one weekend and the days immediately following. I'm back on the wagon, though. I don't know that it will help me shed these clinging ten pounds I've been unable to shed but it should help with the "puffiness" in my hands and feet. Less sodium is a good thing.