What a weekend.
While KC got better, Gage's cold got worse. Having a whiny two-year-old (well, almost) attached to you every waking moment is bit taxing. Unfortunately, Ken was gone most of the weekend so by Sunday afternoon I was ready for the Looney Bin. I couldn't wait for naptime when I might stand a chance of getting something done...like laundry. Of course, once the little guy was down for a nap, I found I was so mentally exhausted, all I wanted to do was sit down and veg.

What's that?

Had no time for homework this weekend. I emailed the teacher this morning asking for a small extension on a paper we have due. I think I can get it done tonight, maybe.

Went trick-or-treating last night with one sick child....woke up this morning to two fevered little foreheads. Oh, the joy of the winter season. Yes, winter. It's been snowing on and off all day here, which means, in my book, winter has arrived. Besides, doesn't 29 degrees sound pretty dern cold? That's what I thought. I told you winter had arrived.

So, where was I? Oh, that's right. Sick kids.

I was home yesterday with the boys because KC had developed a fever in daycare. While I couldn't get much done when the boys were awake, I was actually able to turn on the laptop and write yesterday! Amazing, isn't it? I opened up A Secret Well Kept and revamped the first few paragraphs. Boy, oh, boy were they in need of some TLC. Not that I'm surprised. When I start a novel cold, it's always rough. And, despite all the preparation that went into this book, I still consider the first chapter to be "cold". I haven't found my voice in the story yet. I haven't fully acquainted myself with my characters or their world. Usually by chapter three or four I've slid into a comfort zone. Of course, this doesn't mean the words always come easy. If only they would!

Hopefully I'll be able to finish Chapter One this weekend. That would be grand!