Supporting Michigan Authors

I recently joined a new Facebook group called Support Michigan Authors.  I'm not sure how many of these authors are self-published, independently published, small-house published, or part of the traditional publishing world.  I decided that, in the end, it really doesn't matter all that much to me.  First, I've done the self-pubbed thing and am anxious for people to give my book a fair shake.  Second, while I've read some amazing books from the land of traditional publishing, I've read some real stinkers, too.  Therefore, regardless of what option the author selected on their path to publication, I've decided to do my part to help promote these local artists.

And by local, I mean residing in the same state.

Please note: The only book I have read (to date) is the one I wrote.    

Updated Note:  I lied!  I have a copy of Night Blind by Jan Worth sitting on my shelf. A very good read.  I'd recommend this title for those who appreciate mainstream fiction, mysteries, or coming-of-age stories as Night Blind seems to be, in my mind at least, a combination of the three.  

Not In Alphabetical Order!

The Beautiful Truth  Fallen Angel  Night Blind  Viral Bound  Dagger Adventures at Walnut Grove I DOUBLE Dare You!  I CAN DO IT  Insominy  Endangered Domain A Pinhole of Light  Papa, Why Does the Wind Blow?  Welcome Little Leo Titanic: Echo of the Dying Confession: Book One of the Aroich Saga (Volume 1)  Who Knew So Much Blood Could Come From Such A Small Body  Dragon Fly, A Gnome's Great Adventure


Unlimited No Contract Cell Phone Companies vs. Unlimited Contract Cell Phone Com The Woman of Greatness and Inspiration: A Tribute to My MomThe Murder of Jeffery Dryden