The Talk of Washington

I'm sure you've at least heard that Bush's former Press Secretary, Scott McClellan, has released a book on the Bush Administration. I think I first heard of it on Eric & Carson, a local radio show. The next morning it was on the news, who emphasized again and again that McClellan's criticism has been met with surprise and disappointment by White House officials.
Really? Say it isn't so!

Now, I haven't read the book. I haven't seen more than a couple of quotes and read more than a paragraph or two of the actual text using Amazon's "Look Inside" feature. Um. Not sure what all the buzz is about. I didn't see anything all that shocking. In fact, I couldn't even find anything remotely interesting.

Maybe I'm burned out on political propaganda. Maybe I'm not discerning enough.

However, I did find one interesting quote I'd like to share:

"I want to quote his defenders, but he doesn't have any," Peggy Noonan writes in her overview of responses. "Those in the mainstream media who want to see the president unmasked, who want to see the administration revealed as something dark, do not want to be caught cheering on the unmasker." (Source)

I think that might be the most insightful comment I've heard yet.